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No More Trouble Finding the Right Classroom Furniture

June 25, 2013 – 2:00 am: One of the biggest complaints from classroom furniture buyers, and understandably so, is that no single store has everything they need. A piece here and a piece there, but no comprehensive way to buy each and every piece with one purchase. Consumers are picky and they should be. Colors, styles, and designs are crucial to setting up a school and a classroom in a way that’s best for students to learn.

Classroom Furniture changes all that. Our inventory doesn’t focus on one designer or one style. More importantly, our prices make it easy to shop online because you know that we won’t be undersold. For example, take a look at the Science Lab Mobile Media Desk Cabinet.

Normally, you might refer to this Media Desk as a simple rolling cabinet, but when you really consider all the bells and whistles that come with it, “rolling cabinet” doesn’t do it justice. We’re talking about ample storage space, adjustable shelves for printers, laptops, and CPUs, a pullout keyboard tray, two data ports, an extension cord, and a duplex outlet with an inlet plug. If that wasn’t enough, the Science Lab Mobile Media Desk Cabinet has a backside unit with access to an 8 outlet power strip. Classroom Furniture offers the mobile desk for nearly 50% OFF the traditional retail value. Contact Classroom Furniture today and place your order!

To find anything and everything related to classroom and school furniture, look no further than We have chairs, tables, desks, risers, stages, lockers and more. Our prices are the best on the web, the quality of our work is unmatched, and our quick ship delivery has a reputation for fast, friendly service dating back to 1972. Contact us immediately to find out more.

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