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Russwood Library Furniture Supports School Media Centers

June 20, 2013 – 2:00 am: Several years ago, school libraries went through an image adjustment, believing that “library” was an antiquated term and that students were doing more than checking out books. In order to revitalize the career of school librarians, the “school library” became the “media center.” Students could check out videos, audio visual material, and yes, they could still check out books.

One thing hasn’t changed much over the same period of time, however. The average height of middle school, high school, and college students is roughly the same as it was twenty years ago. So when Russwood Library Furniture crafted their Ultima Circulation Desk, they knew there was a clear difference between, say, 8-year-olds (3rd Grade) and 12-year olds (7th and 8th Grade). When a Third Grader brings books to the circulation desk for checkout, they need that desk to match their height appropriately. When an Eighth Grader brings books the circulation desk for checkout, they also need a desk to match their height appropriately.

The Ultima Circulation Desk is one of the most popular products available from Russwood Library Furniture. Each service unit top is fastened to its own base with the look and function of a smooth work surface. The face panels are 3/4-inch thick high quality oak rift cut veneer captured between one inch thick multi-ply veneer plywood panels. Due to the massive size and quality of these Circulation Desks, they typically sell with a retail of over $15,000, but with Classroom Furniture, you pay almost 1/3 of that price. Contact Classroom Furniture today and prepare your media center for the fall.

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