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Sharing Literature with Rack Dividers in the Front Lobby

July 1, 2013 – 2:00 am: While teachers work through the summer on planning and rearranging their classroom furniture, there’s an entirely different part of your school that probably needs a little bit of attention as well. Your front lobby is the first place that parents and prospective new hires will get a good or bad impression of the school. Unfortunately, in many school lobbies, there simply isn’t anything to read beyond a few standard school brochures and the occasional award that shows up on the wall. And right now, parents are enrolling their children while teachers are coming in for interviews. The average teacher is a member of at least two different educational organizations, both of which typically have a monthly magazine that they receive at the school. Problem is, those magazines are read and discarded as the loose property of the educators who received them. Just imagine if that literature was turned in to the front office so that parents and other visitors could flip through articles and pick up a few educational ideas as well. Classroom Furniture now offers a 5-pocket, an 11-pocket, and a 23-pocket literature rack that can easily accommodate the various magazines and materials most beneficial to the moms and dads who fill your lobby. Of course, the rack won’t stand alone, so Classroom Furniture also offers the Literature Rack Stand at more than 50% OFF the original retail price. Contact Classroom Furniture today and place your order. To find anything and everything related to classroom and school furniture, look no further than We have chairs, tables, desks, risers, stages, lockers and more. Our prices are the best on the web, the quality of our work is unmatched, and our quick ship delivery has a reputation for fast, friendly service dating back to 1972. Contact us immediately to find out more.

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